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Crystal Cave Logo
Web Version, small, 196 X 120 pixels
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Crystal Cave Logo
web version, reverse, small, 196 X 120 pixels
Web version, reverse, large, 360 X 242 pixels
Print version, reverse,8" X 5" 300dpi

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No Alteration (other then size) Allowed
Crystal Cave graphics must not be altered in any way except size. They may not be changed in color, modified, otherwise altered from the version supplied by Crystal Cave unless you receive prior written approval by Crystal Cave

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The site or use of the graphics must display Crystal Cave and Crystal Cave graphics in a positive manner. The graphics or logos may not be used to depict Crystal Cave in any negative way or in a way that could reflect adversely on Crystal Cave, Crystal Cave suppliers, Crystal Cave Employees, or Crystal Cave's products.

Changes to these Guidelines
Crystal Cave reserves the right to change these guidelines solely at its discretion. The limited permission to use the Crystal Cave graphics is contingent upon compliance with the terms of the program and guidelines of Crystal Cave. Crystal Cave may modify such terms from time to time.

Proprietary Rights
Use of the Crystal Cave graphics is not intended to indicate any endorsement of, sponsorship of, or affiliation with your Internet site or publication by Crystal Cave. Crystal Cave Logos are proprietary logos of Crystal Cave and contain Crystal Cave trademarks, which are registered in the United States and other jurisdictions. Use of the Crystal Cave Logo and/or graphics acknowledges Crystal Cave's ownership of the graphics, logos, and trademarks