Cave tickets should be purchased in advance

Accessibility & Amenities

Accessibility and Amenities


There are 6 designated accessible paved parking space located in the main parking lot. The remainder of the parking lot is gravel.


There are sidewalks between the accessible parking lot and gift shop and attractions. If you would like to drop off someone off in front of the main entrance you are welcome to do so. We do ask that you only stop in the unloading area for immediate drop-off and pick-up. When finished please park your vehicle in the parking lot.

Food and Beverage Facilities

There are beverages and limited food available for purchase at the cave. We have a selection of specialty candies, ice cream, and a limited selection of pre-made sandwiches. You are welcome to bring in any outside food to enjoy in the picnic grounds during your visit. There is a Subway restaurant about a quarter mile from Crystal Cave. No outside alcoholic beverages may be brought onto the property (beer and wine are available for purchase)

Cave Tour Accessibility

Unfortunately, due to how Crystal Cave was naturally formed we enter the cave via a series of stairs and ramps. As such the tour is not suitable for wheelchairs or walkers. 

The tour consists of 7 flights of stairs and ramps. It is an hour long standing/walking tour. The tour is moderately strenuous; there are no elevators and limited seating options in the cave. There are some areas where you will need to be able to duck under lower hanging rocks. There is low lighting throughout the tour. The environment in the cave is cool (50F) and humid. 

For guests that are deaf or hard of hearing Crystal Cave does have a written version of the tour script that can be taken into the cave and read from during the tour. Guests can also be provided with a head lamp to aid in the reading of the script and a pad of paper and pen for communication with the tour guide if desired. 

For guests that are blind or visually impaired they can be provided with additional time as needed to navigate the tour paths. The tour guides also assist in pointing out low hanging rocks on all tours.

Tee-Rex Mini Golf Accessibility

The 18-hole mini golf course has 9 ADA compliant holes that can be played in wheelchairs and they are also stroller friendly. The other 9 holes include stairs.

Prospector’s Creek Accessibility

The sluice at Prospector’s Creek is designed to be wheelchair accessible.


Accessible restrooms are available in the restroom building located next to the gift shop. There is an all gender and family restroom available.

Picnic Grounds

There are 2 ADA picnic tables available for use in the picnic grounds. The surface near these picnic tables is grass. 

There is a covered picnic pavilion with a hard surface walkway.


Strollers cannot be used on the cave tour due to a series of stairs and ramps that are used to enter and exit the cave. Strollers may be used on the surface during your visit.  At Tee-Rex Mini Golf there are stairs on a portion of the course.

Baby Changing Stations

There are 4 Koala Care baby changing stations at Crystal Cave for use by both Mom’s or Dad’s.

Nature Trails

There are 2 nature trails at Crystal Cave. These rustic trails may not be appropriate for all guests as they are narrow, uneven and are not paved. The trails are not wheelchair accessible and it is not recommended for strollers.

Service Animals

Service animals are permitted at Crystal Cave, including buildings. Due to the nature of some areas of Crystal Cave, service animals may not be permitted in all areas of the cave. Service animal means a dog or other animal that is trained to do work or perform tasks for, and to assist an individual with a disability. All other animals, including emotional support, comfort or companion animals are not considered service animals and are not allowed inside.

Friendly pets, on leash, are allowed outside. Please pick up after your pet.