Cave tickets should be purchased in advance

Things to Do

Things to Do

At Crystal Cave, there’s things to do for people of all ages! Come enjoy the fun!

Crystal Cave Tour

Take a dive down 70 feet and witness the history of Crystal Cave. There is an adventure waiting for you. Cave tours are led by Certified Cave Guides. The tour is designed for people of all ages. Learn about the discovery and history of Crystal Cave, the geology of caves including the rocks and how cave formations develop, and the biology of bats.

Specialty Cave Tours

Have you ever wanted to take your own time in a cave? Or have your own personal group with no other distractions? Book your own personal cave tour and be accompanied by a professional staff member

Guests Panning at Prospector Creek

Gem Panning

Uncover real gems, crystals, minerals, and fossils from all around the world while gem-panning at Prospector’s Creek®.

Tee-Rex Mini Golf

Test your mini golf skills as you make your way along all 18 holes of adventure. Fun for all ages! Plus learn about different dinosaurs on every hole!

Gold Miner’s Saloon

Cool off with an adult beverage. Take your drink outside on our nice patio that overlooks Tee-Rex mini golf and prairies. Visitors can also relax at our shared picnic grounds

Nature Trails

Walk along two different nature trails and see how many animals you can spot. Both trails are animal friendly, but they must be on a leash and must be picked up after. There’s also interpretive nature signs along the way so you can learn as you walk.

Picnic Grounds Photo

Picnic Grounds

Enjoy a nice meal on our picnic grounds and choose from 14 different tables under shaded trees. Or you can enjoy a meal in our all year round picnic shelter.

Gift Shop

Stop on by one of the largest gift shops in the upper Midwest! Features rocks and minerals all around the world. There’s also jewelry including one of a kind sterling silver pieces, and much more!