Gem Panning at Prospector's Creek®

Gem Panning

Uncover gems, crystals, minerals, and fossils from all around the world at Prospector's Creek®. During this above-the-ground adventure, you will have the chance to use our sluice and mining pans to discover and collect a wide variety of gems and fossils. Prospector's Creek® is fun for all ages. We have many options and varieties of mining rough for purchase in the gift shop.

Complete your tour with a Prospector's Package by purchasing the basic Prospector's bag of mining rough. With the Prospector bag you will discover real gems such as crystal points, pyrite, garnets, amethyst, jasper, and more! All gems are yours to keep. You will also receive a gem identification card with every bag of purchased mining rough.

Upgrade your Prospector's Package to the larger bag of Gems and Minerals mining rough. This bag is packed with all of the same gems found in the traditional Prospector bag, but the Gems and Minerals mining rough has much to discover. This bag offers more gems and more mining rough to pan at the sluice.

Become a paleontologist for a day, and uncover real and ancient fossils with the Fossil bag. In the Fossil bag, you will find fossils dating way back to the Ordovician period – twice as old as dinosaurs! Some of the fossils you will find include trilobites, gastropods, crinoids, and more!

The Mother Lode bucket is one of our most popular options and comes jam-packed with everything a Prospector could hope to find: gems, minerals, and fossils. Not only will you find a larger quantity and variety of gems, minerals, and fossils in the Mother Lode bucket, but you will also discover larger specimens not found in any of the other bags. The Mother Lode bucket gives you the chance to dig into mining rough, one scoop at a time, to reveal a combination of both fossils and gems for you to identify, collect, and cherish for a lifetime.

Prospector Creek® Gem and Fossil Panning Prices

Prospector Bag $6.98
Gems and Minerals $11.98
Fossils $11.98
Mother Lode Bucket $45.98 (Includes Souvenir Mother Lode Bucke)t

It's OK if not everyone in your group wants to purchase gem panning ore, your entire group is still welcome at Prospector Creek® You also may gem pan without taking the cave tour. Prospector's Creek is a seperate activity on the surface

Pair any of the above options with a cave tour to create a Prospector's Package!